make-redir: run "make" but automatically

make DESTDIR= & make install prefix= Starting Firefox Needs To Be Run As Root First ? Categories (Toolkit :: Startup and Profile System, defect) Product: Toolkit Toolkit. The Mozilla Toolkit is a set of APIs, built on top of Gecko, which provide advanced services to XUL applications. Issue 9674: make install DESTDIR=/home/blah fails when the I ran ./configure --prefix=/ make make install DESTDIR=/home/blah The installation tries to install at /lib/python2.6 which fails because I am not root. It should not try to install anything at / because I specified DESTDIR as /home/blah. msg114854 - Author: Éric Araujo (eric.araujo) * Date: 2010-08-25 00:24; Thanks for the clarification. [Mingw-notify] [ mingw-Bugs-1621919 ] make DESTDIR=blah

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Apr 12, 2020 · Make sure you enter your news server access password and not the password you use for logging into the provider’s website. For Newshosting, the username/password you use is the same whether accessing the news server or the website’s customer dashboard, but for other providers they may be different. Passing DESTDIR to "make install" will copy everything to DESTDIR instead of the prefix dir. After you do this you can compress the DESTDIR and distribute it as a package. You couldn't do this without DESTDIR, especially in Arch, which uses fakeroot to build and doesn't allow you to write to system files. I hope it's clear :) Build options can clearly be specified by setting make variables on the command-line as I've shown previously in the DESTDIR example. Users, however really expect a configure script with common command-line options, which then generates the makefile.

make DESTDIR=/tmp/stage install DESTDIR should be supported only in the install* and uninstall* targets, as those are the only targets where it is useful. If your installation step would normally install /usr/local/bin/foo and /usr/local/lib/libfoo.a , then an installation invoked as in the example above would install /tmp/stage/usr/local/bin

fakedestdir - Tukaani fakedestdir. fakedestdir was written to ease packaging software, whose makefiles don't support DESTDIR or any equivalent feature. While such packages should be fixed, it's sometimes not worth the effort or there simply isn't time to do it. fakedestdir is worth trying in this kind of desperate situations. 10.4. PREFIX and DESTDIR