I wanted to donate a certain amount of money from my PayPal account for this cause but I found out that I cannot do so without linking a credit/debit card. To use this feature, I must link an account. If that happens. will my donation (or any other payment that I want to make) will be charged on my PayPal account or the card that I linked?

Yes, you can use PayPal without a debit or credit card, however, most of your payment transactions will not be instant. If you live in a country where PayPal supports depositing money to your PayPal account with direct debit, PayPal will first pul Transfer funds to your PayPal account using a credit card. Traditionally, a seller can collect payment from a buyer by sending an invoice through PayPal to the buyer via email. The buyer then enters bank or credit card information into the PayPal payment platform to deposit a payment into the seller's PayPal account. Funny side note, a foreign Paypal account can be easily established with a fake address and *any* credit card. Heck, that's how I payed for Spotify before it became available in Germany 馃惖 >> Maybe you just weren't aware of the fact that using credit cards is quite uncommon in Germany, especially for younger people. 2. Your credit card doesn鈥檛 work (you can try another credit card) 3. You are travelling, PayPal recognize that and put a safety guard against stolen cards 4. You are using VCC (Virtual Credit Card), delete that card on your PayPal account (see below) 5. You need to verify your PayPal account and credit card. What I can suggest: 1. May 07, 2020 路 If you link a rewards credit card to your PayPal account you can still redeem points with most cards on PayPal purchases. Using a credit card in PayPal is generally a good idea anyway because you gain an extra layer of protection with your credit card鈥檚 fraud protection.

Feb 07, 2020 路 and disadvantages of using them. Free virtual credit card for PayPal verification : Free virtual credit card for PayPal verification. free visa card to verify PayPal: People may not know or have not already discovered the virtual credit card. The virtual credit card is not really similar to a credit card.

Apr 17, 2020 路 Contact PayPal Customer Service by telephone or email if your money still hasn鈥檛 been transferred to PayPal after one week of having completed the transfer from your bank account. Customer Service will identify the reason your money hasn鈥檛 been transferred to PayPal and provide you with a resolution. You will also not be able to use all the features in Paypal like the withdrawal feature if you don鈥檛 have a credit card because it鈥檚 the only way for you to verify your paypal account. So the only way is to get a credit card alternative and that is a debit card. There are many advantages of using a debit card compared to a credit card. Mar 23, 2016 路 Fortunately, there are a few ways to sign up for Netflix without inputting your credit card details. The most common one involves using the online transaction service PayPal . However, you can also use Netflix gift cards and subscriptions, or even your iTunes account in some circumstances.

Feb 18, 2008 路 Some sellers do prefer credit card backup on your paypal. I know this because the itunes store won't let me create an account or buy music unless I have a paypal account with credit card. Yes, itunes do have the paypal payment method option but they need credit card backup. So it's up to the seller.

Jan 02, 2017 路 Hello guys my name is Delga and today i'll be showing how to make PayPal ACCOUNT WITHOUT CREDIT CARD and BANK ACCOUNT !!! U can BUY and RECEIVE money from your new account ! CODE : K1R 0A7 FAKE Jul 20, 2020 路 PayPal is accepted widely online, and even if you don鈥檛 have a credit or debit card, you can still use PayPal to purchase items. Can You Use PayPal Without a Credit Card? Absolutely; you can make payments and receive money on PayPal without a credit or debit card. However, you will need to create a PayPal account and link your bank account to it. The final step before transferring a PayPal balance to charity. Without a card on file, you're limited to donating an amount that won't exceed your balance. Feb 04, 2020 路 Without any shielding of financial account information, credit card numbers run a higher risk than PayPal payments of being intercepted when transmitted through the website鈥檚 development code. Partially funding with credit/debit card also carries fees鈦 . Debit/credit card: Possible to make a payment on PayPal without an account if you pay with credit/debit card: Paying with card brings much higher fees than paying with balance or linked bank account . Domestic payments cost 2.9% of the amount + $0.30鲁 . International payments cost They鈥檙e prompted for their credit card, email address, and phone number. (Optional) After reviewing their information, they may choose to save their information by creating a PayPal account to make future transactions faster. Please note that PayPal鈥檚 fraud prevention measures remain in effect for buyers who use this checkout. Accept credit cards online. Start selling online in no time with PayPal credit card processing. Accept credit cards in as little as 15 minutes. Whether you're a new or established internet business, PayPal has a fast, easy, and affordable way to accept credit cards online. See which solution is right for you. Compare Products