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Mar 04, 2020 Repeal the Patriot Act? : polls Repeal the Patriot Act? Politics. Close. 23. Posted by 4 days ago. Repeal the Patriot Act? Politics. 434 votes. 130. 30.0%. Yes. 49. 11.3%. No. 255. 58.8%. What. Voting closed 1 day ago. 36 comments. The patriot act legalized unlawful and unconstitutional government survellience, and has shown to be minimally effective at fighting terrorism Is the USA PATRIOT Act a Good Law? - ACLU - Jun 15, 2017 Repeal the Patriot Act | Libertarian Hub

The goal of the Patriot Act was rather simple: to give Federal and law enforcement officials a greater level of authority when tracking, intercepting, or gathering communications and intelligence of suspected terrorists. It also allowed for greater communication in foreign intelligence gathering and provided the Secretary of the Treasury

Part I of this series states briefly why we should demand the immediate repeal or amendment of the USA Patriot Act. Part II walks the reader back in time to look at two acts, which were also passed hastily and in a time of fear. The Alien & Sedition Acts of 1798 parallel the USA Patriot Act in many respects, and offer some important warnings.

Sep 11, 2001

Patriot Act debate: Everything you need to know - CNNPolitics May 22, 2015 Southern Partisan Online - Repeal the Patriot Act Repeal the Patriot Act by editor on March 5th, 2020 at 11:29 am. Posted In: Archive, Southern Partisan. I have been writing for years about the dangers to human freedom that come from government mass surveillance. The United States was born in a defiant reaction to government surveillance. In the decade preceding the signing of the Declaration Repeal the Patriot Act – Building Blocks for Liberty