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A man protects and serves his family and loved ones. It is part of your responsibility to exude energy of safety, strength, power, and love, to those around you. It is not someone else’s, your parents, your friends, or your job and money. A man is responsible for creating the vibe of security and strength for his family. Been Waiting a Long Time for This (25 player Then he dies, then you get the kill and the achievement, 25 man I've been waiting a long time for this. Yay! And Invincible won't drop, so you can still come back next week! Comment by Gravehorn Went to help a guildie clean up achievements in ICC H25, for the meta achievement mount, and discovered some interesting tidbits. Have any real-life Jonahs been swallowed by whales and Sep 14, 2001 Man | Definition of Man by Oxford Dictionary on Traditionally, the word man has been used to refer not only to adult males but also to human beings in general, regardless of sex. There is a historical explanation for this: in Old English, the principal sense of man was ‘a human being’, and the words wer and wif were used to refer specifically to ‘a male person’ and ‘a female person

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